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Fire TruckFire Safety

Ramore  (705) 236-4056
Val Gagné  (705) 232-6006
Matheson  (705) 273-2106

Mission Statement:

The Black-River Matheson Fire Department's mission is to save lives and protect property from fire and other emergencies within Black River-Matheson through public education, fire code enforcement and incident response.

Services & Community Participation

Our four fire stations serve the town sites of Matheson, Holtyre, Val Gagné, Shillington and Ramore. A complement of 55 volunteer firefighters provide emergency services in all areas of fire suppression, auto extrication and shoreline water/ice rescue.

Our Fire Prevention activities include an annual home smoke alarm inspection program, public education in area schools, residential, industrial and commercial inspections upon request and complaints.

Our volunteer firefighters are community oriented and participate in a wide range of activities including an annual food drive for local food banks, the annual Muscular Dystrophy Boot Drive, hosting children's Christmas parties, assisting local Rotarians in the Santa Clause Express with Ontario Northland Railway, providing annual July 1st fireworks display and much, much more.

We are proud to be residents of Black River-Matheson and even prouder to protect and serve our community.

Fire Safety Information

Smoke Detectors Q&A
Carbon Monoxide Q&A
School Fire Safety Plan Template
Landlord-Tenant Smoke Alarm Regulations
Firefighter Application Form
Fire Extinguisher Classifications
Cooking Fact Sheet
Heating Safety
Wood Stove Rules