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Garbage & Recycling

Town Garbage & Recycling Pickup

All landfill sites : THURSDAY


  • At curb side by 6:30 a.m.
  • No more than four (4) lifts (max 48lbs/per bag)
  • All garbage bags must be placed in receptacles

Recyclables The following recyclables are accepted: 

Note: All plastics must be rinsed and have their lids removed

- Number 1 Plastics 

- Number 2 Plastics 

- Newspaper, magazines, catalogues, and paper products 

- Corrugated cardboard (All cardboard products are to be flattened, placed in a bundle, or placed in clear or blue bags.)

- Aluminum/steel food and beverage containers


Non- RecyclablesThe following is not recyclable:‚Äč

- Number 3 Plastics 

- Number 4 Plastics

- Number 5 Plastics 

- Number 6 Plastics

- Number 7 Plastics 

- Wax Coated Boxes 

- Glass Bottles and Jars 


LandfillLocations and hours of operations available on the landfill page.


ContactChris Ciarrocca, Director of Works and Operations (705) 273-2313 Ext. 318